landscape flood lights

The ASTEL LIGHTING products will be presented on the world’s leading exhibition for lighting and building services technology.

We will be glad to present our innovative and high quality LED lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor illumination as well as for pools and fountains:

The new direct-drive smart architectural LED lights of ALOA and QUADRO series for outdoor and indoor lighting.
The QUADRO series of modular interior LED light with different mounting assemblies designed for creating unique configurations and structures.
The ALOA series of a very robust bollard garden LED light designed for advanced optical propagation technology with reflective lighting.

The METEOR series of the world’s first compact ultra-thin LED underwater pool lights with built-in driver.

The SPARK, SOMBRA, SOLEA, SIGMA, VOLCANO, CASCADA and UFO series of the world’s first modular or compact outdoor and fountain LED lights.

The VERSA series of the new and world’s first modular indoor OLED lights with built-in drivers.

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