Project Description


  • Aluminium Casing

  • Sand-Blasting and Anodizing E6C0 Finishing
  • 1 or 2 OLED Panels
  • Daylight White or Warm White

  • Remote Control
  • Digital Dimming

  • Built-in ASTEL Protocol for DMX512 Control

  • Polarity Protection
  • Transient Protection
  • Low Power Consumption

  • Simple Installation

Compact OLED modular designed interior light VERSA with electronic driver built-in anodized aluminium casing with different mounting assemblies for creating unique configurations and structures.

Built-in microprocessor enables network connections and remote control with digital dimming.

Built-in ASTEL protocol enables complete DMX512 lighting control by using optional interfaces.

Advanced lighting technology allows perfect light spreading and the best illumination quality (CRI 90) with two different white color temperature options.

All models are designed for operating at normal temperature conditions with thermal, transient and reverse polarity protections.

Model Description
LW01 1 OLED Panel, Surface-mount
LWR01 1 OLED Panel, Right-angle
LWS01 1 OLED Panel, Straight
LWS02 2 OLED Panels, Straight
Color of lighting Description
W Warm White
D Daylight White

Technical Specifications

Power supply 10-30Vdc, max. 500mA/12Vdc or 250mA/24Vdc
Luminous flux max. 300 lm (panel)
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 90
Operating temperature -10°C – +40°C
Casing Anodized aluminium
Dimensions (panel) 155 x 155 x 5 mm (panel)
Weight 360 g (LWR01, LWS01)
580 g (LWS02)


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