Established in 1991, ASTEL d.o.o. has been one of the leading European manufacturer of underwater lighting for the past decade. With the beginnings that date back in the field of security and GSM alarm systems, the company ventured into the development and production of electronic marine equipment that provides a high level of safety and dependability of operation.

The ASTEL LIGHTING brand name was launched in 2009 as the result of very well accepted marine lighting products fitted in luxury yachts. With years of experience in producing high-performance in-hull luminaires, the company gained knowledge and expertise in creating high-quality waterproof luminaire designs in one of the most challenging environments – the sea.

With our main focus on underwater pool lighting, the METEOR series of luminaries are unique in this segment as their thin design allows for surface mounting therefore expanding the installation possibilities.
The wide range of architectural fittings are of the highest possible quality made from carefully selected components and professional solid materials.

“We strive for technical perfection in all of our products, and the key directions of our company have always been innovation and distinctiveness. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to successfully break into global markets and tackle noteworthy projects.”