Co-financing the individual appearance of the company at the Light + Building 2018 international exhibition

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The purpose of the operation is to successfully implement the company in foreign markets and to increase the degree of internationalization of the company. Light + Building is the leading architectural lighting exhibition in the world, and the appearance at this exhibition is very important for the visibility of the ASTEL LIGHTING brand.

The objective of the operation is to support the activities at the international exhibition, which will increase the growth of net sales revenues on the foreign market. With the appearance at the Light + Building 2018 in Frankfurt (Germany), we are facilitated to enter foreign markets with the consequent increase in the visibility of the company and products that are marketed under the ASTEL LIGHTING brand.

The object of the operation is to co-finance the presentation of products at the international exhibition in order to strengthen international competitiveness, introduce products on foreign markets and increase the possibilities of business cooperation with foreign partners. As the leading international architectural lighting exhibition, the Light + Building 2018 exhibition in Frankfurt (Germany) helped to establish many new contacts with customers from countries where the company is not present yet.

The total value of the operation is EUR 9,266.66, while the co-financing value is EUR 6,486.66.
The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.