• Innovative design

  • Stainless Steel Casing

  • Different Face Shapes

  • Multi-Color RGB Lighting

  • Reflecor with Holographic Diffuser
  • Microprocessor Control

  • DMX512 Network Control
  • Polarity Protection

  • Transient Protection

  • Wide Range Power Supply
  • Low Power Consumption

  • Simple Installation

The ARCUS series is a very innovative multi-color RGB LED light built-in waterproof stainless steel casing with different front shapes and lighting angles. It is suitable for using as interior and exterior downlight, step or staircase light.

The most advanced electronic design with built-in microprocessor enables network connection and simple control of complete group of the lights. The ARCUS series is designed to light to floor under the angle of 45 degrees or straight. The main feature is that ARCUS allows changing of the color of lighting manually or automatically through the complete rainbow spectrum.

All models are designed for operating at extreme temperature and voltage conditions with thermal, transient and reverse polarity protections.

Model Description
LRM01 1 LED array
Front shape Description
S Round, slope
QS Square, slope
G Round, gentle
QG Square, gentle
Direction of lighting Description
S Straight
A Angular
Color of lighting Description
M RGB multi-color

Technical Specifications

Power supply 12-24 Vdc, max. 32 mA/12 Vdc or 18 mA/24 Vdc
Lens angle 60° (angular) or 90° (straight)
Optical window High-grade polycarbonate glass
Luminous flux max. 9 lm
Lighting color RGB spectrum
Operating temperature -10°C – +50°C
Casing Stainless steel (SAE316L)
Protection IP 68
Dimensions Ф39 mm x 26mm (SxM) or 39mm x 39mm x 26mm (QSxM)
Ф49 mm x 26mm (GxM) or 49mm x 49mm x 26mm (QGxM)
Mounting hole Ф21 mm
Weight 75g (SxM) or 90g (QSxM)
95g (GxM) or 110g (QGxM)